Friday, January 22, 2010

Conan O'Brien is an inspiration

 Dear Internet,

My cynicism is officially dead. While watching the end of Conan's run as the host of The Tonight Show, Conan tearfully pointed to the camera and told me (not really only me but I felt as if he were talking to me so shhh!!!) to stop being cynical, work hard, and become a nice person. While I feel that I am a nice person, I have my moments of undeniable cynicism. I used to be somewhat optimistic about life, but after moving to L.A. last year and having my smart ass handed to me, my outlook on life seemed to change. Conan has helped me see the light. I will no longer look at life and point out what's wrong with it. I will forever and always be thankful that I am still alive and blessed to be here. I am, from this point on, a positive person. I will wake up and smile in the morning, while I do a little dance to my WAKE UP IT'S MORNING! iTunes playlist.

Thank you Conan. FOREVER TEAM COCO!