Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Mayer is doing too much...

I'm not doing any work today. Normally I would rush to the library and try to finish my homework so I could watch American Idol later, but screw that. Dlisted was so outrageous today I have to bring the shenanigans to my loyal legion of 1.

First of all, I'm currently taking Your Body is a Wonderland, off of my let's get it on iTunes Playlist. He's an asshole. Any man that would allow himself to be in Playboy Magazine and disclose personal information about his sexual liasons is sleezy. I no longer believe this man is waiting on the world to change, since he himself has changed from a man to a boy to a piece of shit stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

Dear Mr. Mayer,
You can take that comment about your penis being a white supremacist and shove it up your ass, because as a black woman I don't want your sorry ass. You monkey face making bastid.

I swear it seems like ever since he was on The Chapelle Show he feels as if he can say whatever the hell he wants. I want to know who the hell gave him a "hood pass"? Being born and raised in the hood, if I was given a pass I'm giving the mothafucker back. Who the hell would want it? And since when did having a "hood pass" allow anyone to use the word Nigger? UGHHHHHH I hate him!

And yes, loyal legion of 1 I am mad. The more I think about this ignorant fool the more pissed off I become, because people think this shit is funny. It's not funny. It's wrong and hurtful. Not only was I offended by what he said as a black person, but he insulted me as a woman. I don't know how many times I have encountered guys that think it's funny to degrade women the way he does. It's not cool! We're not sexual objects or only here for your pleasure, where human beings you asshole. OOOOOHHHHHH just give me one minute with John Mayer I'll go straight Ike on that ass. I'll beat his ass so bad he wouldn't know what a tweet is. Famewhore son of an asshole.

What people, especially woman, see in this douchbag is beyond me. I couldn't stand him last year, the year before, or the year before that. I only got into his music through this guy who made me a mix CD. I should have known Mayer was an asshole based off the actions of that douche.

I'm officially starting a boycott. I won't stop until this ass's voice and mug is off of every media outlet, including tweeter, for all of eternity. I'm tired of it. The Mayer needs to be stopped now!