Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm offended part deux!!!

I would not have minded so much if Oliver Martinez was telling me that he loved the way I looked and that I had a beautiful body, but when Bogus is in my face...My legs suddenly feel the need to run away. All I wanted was some water and a Pop Tart when Frenchy McFrench decided he was going to hit on me. I was polite and smiled, but Mr. Royale w/ cheese wouldn't stop.

Napoleon: I will make love to you like no other
*Inner Monologue* Alright dude, it's time to back up!
French Toast: I will take you to paradieezzzzzeeee
Why can't a man no matter what his nationality realize the woman's universal symbol = LEAVE ME ALONE!

I turned and ran away. Not really run, because I'm too damn cool for that, but I walked fast as hell. But unfortunately for me I was on the tenth floor of the building with no elevator in sight. I had to haul ass down the stairs and damn near broke my neck to get away from the scargo (no I don't know how to spell it)!
Anyway I'm meeting a nice young man for a lunch date. I haven't given him the link to my blog yet, so if he's bogus I can feel free to dog him out.

Update! I just canceled my date since I have wayyyy too much work. Postponed until next Friday.