Friday, February 26, 2010

I am offended!!!

And it's not the picture that offends me it's her! I cannot believe that this white woman has more ass than me, my mother, her mother, her aunties, and my gay cousin combined. It was my own ideology that not only did white people couldn't dance but they could not produce bodies like ethnics. Then Ellen and Coco came along and I now stand corrected.

This woman has seriously put my body to shame. Don't get me wrong I have curves (just ask the 50something French Man who tried to talk to me upstairs *more on that in a moment*). Let me put it this way:
Coco = $10
Me = Insufficient funds

It's totally not fair!
To read about Coco and why her ass has beef with Myspace visit dlisted because I really don't feel like reading the article.