Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does Anyone Else Hear The Whistle?

For a moment I was really excited to see that Emile Hirsch (remember him?) was going to be in a new movie...then I saw Matthew McConaughey. I like Matthew McConaughey. I like looking at him and I like laughing at him. It was just moments ago that I discovered that I don't like listening to him.

Is it me or does this man talk with a whistle?

As you can see, the wack ass video isn't playing so you'll have to click here to see what I'm talking about...if you don't then move on. I'm sure I wrote about other things that are much more interesting than hearing Matthew McConaughey's country ass trying to talk.

But anyway...

I swear I heard it every time he said something with an "S" or a "C". It's there I swear! It's like listening to Herbert the Pervert...

jacked from reelz channel