Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finally True Blood!

Alright! I watched the entire 4th season of True Blood and I have to say...(in no particular order)
  • What the hell?
  • a little slow in the beginning but amnesia Eric was pretty entertaining.
  • Marnie and the other witches = kinda boring yet interesting 
  • What the hell was up with Lafayette's hair?
  • I am so tired of seeing Sookie cry!
  • I'm so glad Eric was the one who finally called her Snooki
  • Bill is a little too short for me...
  • GRAN!
  • What happened to Jesus? He was so hot in season 3
  • Alcide
  • Mikey looks like a grown ass man
  • Newlin?
  • I never need to see Bill with his shirt off again
  • Pam, where were you?
  • Did Eric steal a line from X-Men: First Class?
  • I would give anything to have Eric Northman build a secret chamber in my home and pop in and out as he pleases. 
  • This is so much better than Twilight
  • Debbie is still pissed over Cooter?
  • Where was Marcus' hairline?
  • Tara! Girl you should have followed your first mind.
  • Sookie! Just hurry up and choose Alcide. I'm tired of playing this game with you
  • I said AWWWWW when I saw Terry holding Felix
  • Jessica is a slut, but I still love her
  • I'm so glad they got rid of that werepanther subplot. It was so boring