Monday, January 18, 2010

Rebirth: The Beard

Once every blue moon I would like to talk about a rebirth. I know I should use the word renaissance, but that's too formal and I tend to not give a damn.

So today my rebirth would be on The Beard.

Recently, there has been an influx of beards on the red carpets of Hollywood. The best I've seen so far is Jon Hamm from the show Mad Men.
Jon Hamm

Now my mom loves this show. I hate it and here's why:
Around the time (and don't worry I'll get to my original point in a second) the show promoting for its first season, the only promo ad was a series of scenes from the show along with the song You Know I'm No Good by Amy Winehouse. So now no matter when I see Jon Hamm I hear boom boom boom ba boom. Every time. Every single time. I hate it!

Although Jon looks damn good with his beard, there are always the whiny people out there that just don't want to accept the fact that men have hair that grow out of their faces. These are also the people that complain about Conan's hair.

Speaking of Conan, does anyone else remember when he grew a beard for the writer's strike? He looked damn good! I tuned in every night to see Conan transform from my 14 year old bratty lab partner into a man. I swear Conan's ratings would have been a lot higher if he had the beard. Maybe Jay could grow one to hide that damn chin. Quick who would win in the battle of the chin: Jay Leno or Jennifer Aniston?

Back to beards.

I think the world is still in shock over that Brad Pitt beard.

That thing had no shape, no form, and no purpose. He claimed it was for a movie role, but I'm almost sure he had already done 12 Monkeys. However, if my lady parts liked Brad Pitt I'm sure I would have still been in mourning, but I liked the beard. So hip hip hooray for the beard. Welcome to your rebirth.

My Favorite Beards of all time: