Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Golden Globes

So Here I am, watching the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards. A show I have been watching just about every year that I've been alive. It's awards season, my favorite time of year.

Since I've been watching this grand gala for such a long time, I should know all of the over the top bullshit that I would have to witness but yet again those Hollywood Hooligans got me again.

This all in chronological order:

1) Meryl Streep vs. Meryl Streep

Come on give me a break. Given Meryl Streep is honestly and truly the world's greatest actress. She amazes me whenever she acts as though she doesn't know how fucking brilliant she is. She's up against herself and she's acting modest. Bitch you're your own competition! No one can beat you, but you.

edit: how could I not mention Mrs. Streep's new official name. T-Bone. Let's hear it for Meryl "T-Bone" Streep. Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

2) Up in the Air wins over Inglorious Basterds for best original screenplay

I'm pretty sure, George Clooney has sold his soul to the devil because I saw Up In The Air, and I honestly didn't think it was all of that. I'm obviously on the side of Inglorious Basterds since I'm shocked the latter lost. Inglorious Basterds was not only a great movie but a fantasy film where the Jews finally win. How could the movie not win for best original screeplay?

3) Sophia Loren...

Where do I begin? How in the hell does this woman continue to look good? She's about 4 years older than my grandmother and looks damn good. I hate her. No explanation necessary.

4) Chloe Sevigny's ugly ass dress

Girl that dress wasn't all that. There was no reason for you to get all 
gangsta over that ugly ass dress. Just accept your award 
and shut up.

5) This year 30 Rock finally lost
But here's the kicker. They lost to Glee. A show that
a. I don't watch
b. It's on Fox

6) Ricky Gervais owning Mel Gibson.

The look on Gibson's face when he walked out to present
the award for best director was classic. He knew what he had done. He knew he had pissed offthe wrong people. And if you really want to know my
opinion, I honestly believe that his ass doesn't deserve a
second chance. Once is enough.

7) The Hollywood Foreign Press=Frat 

Who would have even thought The Hangover would even be nominated for any award, let
alone a GG. Not to say the Hollywood Foreign Press always makes good 
decisions, but there is someone within that organization that finally did. 
Or maybe, just maybe Bradley Cooper
slept with the head to get ahead...okay now I'm just rambling.

Although my favorite, Precious, didn't win for best picture, I'm glad
Avatar won. It was a movie that not only blew me away but also changed 
the way I look at life. It's rare that a movie could dothat. Fantastic film. 
Fantastic director.