Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiga Tiga Tiga Woods Y'all!

Can someone please explain to me why Tiger Woods had to apologize to the public? Am I considered the public? If so then I honestly don't care. This whole saga is my personal soap opera and I'm waiting for mistress #287 to come out.

Tiger made statements on the status of his marriage and on how he is annoyed with the way the public made fun of him because of Elin's Tiger enforced ass beating. He said and I break down into my own words, "HELL NO SHE AIN'T BEAT MY ASS!" But what athlete you know, besides Chuck Finley, would admit to getting his ass beat by his former model wife?

I pretty much tuned out after that, but if the loyal legion of one wants to hear his every long pause and shakey nervous voice: