Monday, June 14, 2010

Yes Abigail, they all pooped

Everyone in the "business" has to start off somewhere and that somewhere is usually some lame ass commercial, tv show, or some dumb made-for-tv movie. A gallery at The Frisky is dedicated to those dumb celebrity starts. The one that stuck out to me is the one with little Abigail Breslin giving away a little bit too much information about herself in a Toys R Us commercial from 1999. She so cute, but if I were her Mom I would have had to ask her to shut it until we got home. Not every one likes to think or hear about poop no matter how cute the person telling the poop story is. But why am I complaining? Clearly people liked her poop story since she ended up in a movie with Gerry Butler. Jealous...Maybe I should start telling people how regular I am since becoming a veg head and then I'll be considered one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful...yeah, maybe. 

Also included in this gallery: Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, Leonardo DiCaprio, Fergie, and The Chin (jump for joy!)
The rest of the shenanigans are here