Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Car Is Okay! But Scared To Come Home :(

My morning wake up call came from the car doctor who let me know that I could come and pick up my car whenever I wanted (and had the money for the deductible). I told the doc that I would be able to pick up the car tomorrow morning.
In that moment I was very happy that it didn't take long to fix my car, and that the damage to the car didn't go over the actual value of the car. They would have had to give me the blue book value of the car, which would only end up screwing me in the long run because who could possibly get a decent used car for $2000 (cause I can't possibly pay a note on my income)? When the doc told me all was good, I exhaled a huge sigh of relief. I played Madonna and danced around my room until I got a haunting thought. What if my car get's broken into again? Ugh! That would be awful, especially since I'll have to pay another fucking $500 to get it fixed all over again. That would be no bueno...
I'm staying optimistic with the car situation and hoping that it won't get broken into again until I can scramble up enough money to pay for another car alarm system. If something else happens before then, oh the fuck well! I won't be dealing with it.