Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Go Bulls!

I haven't mentioned much about The Chicago Bulls, but just know I have always been a fan. I'm not just mentioning them now because of their amazing playoff status, but because I'm truly happy for them. 

I come from a sports loving family, that is always watching sports year round. We're not only in it for baseball, basketball, and football. We also get down with golf, hockey, and tennis. 

For the longest time I wasn't able to watch the NBA playoffs and root for the Bulls, so it's nice to finally see them there and doing well. It's also nice to look at some eye candy, because if my loyal legion hasn't noticed Rose (MVP) Noah, and Boozer = NICE!!!

I'm pulling for the Bulls, not because of their current status, but because I am a true fan that has stuck in there for 13 years.

Tonight is the night I've been waiting for all week (Thank you Oprah and your bag of tomfoolery for forcing the Bulls to play on Wednesday...). I'm going to crack open a bottle of wine, pop some kettle corn popcorn (my little pre-game tradition), and hopefully watch the Bulls beat the hell out of the Miami Heat. 


Update...My Bulls lost tonight, just as I remembered I broke my #1 rule: Never celebrate too early.
I also blame Oprah for this.
Game 3 better be a whole hell of a lot better!