Friday, March 5, 2010

Jim and Pam are parents

I love The Office, and I love JAM, but it's starting to become a little bit too much for me. Jim and Pam were cute little sidekicks on Michael's show and now I have no idea what direction the show is going in, but I'm putting in my request now for more Creed. He is the one that makes the show when it's getting stale. More Creed for the new season!

Moving on! Let’s focus on the episode:

First of all, what the hell was up with Pam? Bitch you're having a baby and you want to mess around and stay at work? Who wants to stay at work? What is it about that place that keeps bringing her ass back? First this chick goes to New York and goes back for Jim. Cool I can understand that, but heffa! It was freakin New York City! You bitched and moaned about it to Roy now you're with Jim, who wants you to achieve your dreams, and now your dreams mean nothing? Gimme a break lady. Who wrote that storyline because they should be fired, like today!

It’s becoming borderline ridiculous.

I don't know any woman that is willing to put her child's life in DANGER over a few dollars. I've read about those crazy bitches, but I don't know them personally. I'm pretty sure someone who is willing to do that is a crazy person or Pam Beesly. Was I the only one yelling back at my tele for this dumb crazy knocked up chick to go to the hospital?

Leave it to Jim and Pam to make the entire work day all about them. Is it me or has the entire office bent over backwards to do what Jim and PAM want to do? I swear they are bigger attention whores than the Kardashians.

I'm not trying to pick on Jim and Pam, but I thought the drama going into the birth of their child was so over the top. Oh Pam, I hope this baby changes you, SOON!