Friday, March 5, 2010

My Take on Open Relationships

I was searching the web last night for things to talk about, when I came across the topic of open relationships. Actress/Comedienne Monique recently spoke to Barbra Walters about her open relationship with her husband Sidney Hicks. Saying something like she wouldn't mind him sleeping with other women, and that if he did it would not be something that would make her want to pack up her things and leave him.

After reading this I was honestly in shock. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I never would have taken her for someone that would have been okay with something like that. Especially with her being in the movie Precious, a movie that did not portray open relationships in a positive light.
I quickly looked up other celebrity open relationships and apparently there are a lot of those mofos with side pieces. I just found out that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have an open relationship. Smith, in a 2008 interview, said he tells his wife when he needs to have sex with someone else, but he wouldn't do it if she didn't approve. I have heard rumors about this but it takes a lot for me to believe any rumor. I will never for the life of me believe that Richard Gere gerbil story, but this Will Smith is a swinger story is believable now that I have something like some evidence.
Last night while watching that dumbass married couple fighting show, this man who didn't like wearing his wedding ring while playing a horrific game of basketball, was given information about women on the prowl for men. The info said that women were more likely to flirt with a man that was already attached rather than a single man because the women find it sexy that he's willing to commit. I think this is the dumbest thing in the world, but I'm not one of those women. I'm sure with Will Smith's superstar status women throw themselves at him all the time. He's human and as humans we have natural urges that can be hard to fight. Apart from his money, Will Smith is no different from any of us, so I'm sure it's hard for him to turn down a hot piece, especially if it's in his face all the time. But my thing is why would you get married if you know that you can't control your urges?
What is it about marriage that makes people want to get married? From what I see it's not all that if you have to go outside of your marriage to be fulfilled sexually. Why would anyone, especially a celebrity marry someone that doesn't meet all of their potential mate qualifications? Do they not know there are plenty of beautiful freaks out there willing to do whatever they want, and not all of them are gold diggers.

Is marriage a status thing? I hope not. I never want to get married. In fact, I questioned my motives behind my going to protest the California ban on gay marriage when I'm opposed to marriage of any kind. Although I'm opposed to marriage, I'm not opposed to domestic partners, friends with benefits, and dial-a-d****. I think the world would be a better place if people were more open to anti-government and Bible influenced unions.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a ho. I keep my legs closed. I learned during my freshman year of college that not every cute guy is a clean guy, when a scabies outbreak affected 20% of the freshmen student body. However, scabies is one thing, herpes, AIDS, and their little buddies are something else. It's another thing that had me taken aback by the whole open relationship thing. You have to be one trusting man or woman to be willing to allow something like that to go on. People are sneaky little freaky freaks and some people don't like to wear condoms at all. The not wearing a condom thing would scare me and turn me off for good. I wouldn't care how much he claimed he wore a condom, I would still think that he wouldn't. And besides, you can get shit with a condom on. I don't know maybe it's just me, but I'm the kind of paranoid chick that gets tested even when I'm not having sex. I freak out over a hair bump!

So my take on open relationships: Nope not for me.