Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank You!

I just so happen to be a part of a family that just doesn't give a shit. I thought that having a blog and showcasing my ability to write clever wits would be cool, but nope. I was honestly hurt when I found out that my relatives, who I support no matter what dumb idea they throw my way, didn't read my blog. I honestly had a lump in my throat the size of Verne Troyer and felt like crying. My (former) favorite cousin was the very first person to receive the link to this blog and she only read it once, her excuse was she didn't know how to read a blog. I was pissed. What? Girl please! Who doesn't know how to read a blog. My cousin is one of those great honor college students that society believes are better people than I, and for her not to be able to read a blog...What the fuck ever! I would have honestly felt better if she had just told me the truth, that she wasn't interested in reading it. I've been told way worse stuff, but at least she would have been honest. I can respect that.

Moving the fuck on! I realized the other day that I have a grand total of maybe 45 readers. That's fucking great considering the fact I believed I only had a loyal legion of 1. I have gotten emails from a lot of you all, and I want to say thank you for reading. I honestly started this blog as a way to talk about Keanu Reeves without driving my friends crazy, but it some way somehow touched you all and that's cool. I will continue to do everything in the same ways I always have. I try to be as truthful as I can on topics that tickle my fancy; my mother says I'm being mean, but you all think I'm being real. Thanks!

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