Thursday, May 27, 2010

Proof That Religion = Stupidity

I honestly don't like to knock religion but when I see it holding back the impressionable minds of the youth, it makes me sad. Now I don't think I'm the smartest person in the world, but I know good and damn well the things that these children believe in is based off of pure fairytale. I hate it when I hear people saying, “God said..." because God hasn't said shit! The words of The Bible were written by man hundreds of years after the death of Jesus Christ and millions of years after the Earth's creation. People still like to say what Jesus, God, Moses, and his brother said or did as if there were living witnesses to the acts of these so-called "Great Men". It really bugs me.

The below video is about The Evolution of Man. To be honest with you, I don't believe in evolution. I just refuse to believe that my ancestors were chillin hairy in some tree one day and hairless with a dirty martini the next. I believe in science. I believe that one day there was some freak occurrence in the world and then BOOM! There goes life on Earth. I don’t like one theory over the other. I believe it is just as wrong to teach evolution in school as it is religion. In this way the government is telling the youth at the schools that teaching religion is wrong and evolution is 100% fact. However, this is the same government that contradicts itself with the whole separation of church and state rule while it promotes its “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” mottos in times of despair. It is unfair because it is conflicting and confusing to many which is why I’m staying 100% agnostic until I know what is up.

As a person who just doesn’t know, I’m automatically put into the category of atheist. That isn’t fair to me. Someone even told me that I was being “Un-American” because I chose to break away from the Christian faith. With so many religions out there how can you tell me that I’m wrong and you’re right because you believe in the national religion and I don’t? Is it okay for me to call you a fool because I believe you’re participating in a simple pastime that stifles your ability to grow as a person?

I get so many emails whenever I post about religion. I get asked why am I so angry about religion and why am I the way that I am? I am what I am because after following religion my whole life no one was able to answer me when I asked, “why?” There are so many contradictions within The Bible that as a kid at a Catholic school when I asked why it was okay for so and so to kill his son on the behalf of God although Thou shall not kill is one of the Ten Commandments. I was told because when God tells you to do something you do it. Later, years of hearing about people killing this person or that person or that group of people because God told them to do it, I had enough. I’m an adult now so I choose to believe what it is that I want, but I refuse to push my own personal beliefs onto someone who didn’t seek the info.

Instead of good vs. bad people the world has turned into the religious vs. the non religious. I’m not a bad person just a citizen of the world who wants to know why. I sometimes I still feel like that little kid who wonders why, and that’s what I see with the teenagers in the video. They shake their heads and question the evolutionist, which is what they are supposed to do, but then calling him wrong based off of their narrow-minded church teachings and the unwillingness to open up to new ways of thinking is what makes them wrong.

I hope when I have children the world isn’t so caught up in religion. Children with good hearts and great minds is all I wish for.