Monday, March 7, 2011

One Year Ago Today

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my thoughts on the true bro-mance between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. I see it as one of the best things I've written, despite all of the random typos.

I still love to watch Magic & Bird when it comes on. These two had a relationship that I could only dream of having. So when the documentary is over, I'm sitting up with my bag of Twizzlers crying my ass off. I don't need Sandra Bullock or Meg Ryan, this shit is my love story.

I feel sorry for this current generation of basketball players that would probably never experience nothing like this. LOL! I know I might sound a little too much like a girl right now, but hear me out: To me, basketball has turned into an individual sport. There is no such thing as a team anymore. 

Did anyone watch the recent All-Star game? It was so much "LOOK AT ME" playing going on, that I actually forgot that these dudes were playing on a team. Although there is no "I" in team there are two letters that come together to create the word "ME" which correctly defines the mentality of current players. It's a shame because it's destroying the game.

I'm trying to keep hope alive and remain optimistic towards my current favorite players. I believe they are in it to win for the team, and not for player stats. I know they learned from the masters. Magic & Bird taught them well.