Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

I'm not sure how the rest of America is doing weather wise, but here in Chicago, it sucks harder than Jessica Alba's acting. 

I'm so tired of carrying around an umbrella, that I seriously convinced myself the sun was going to shine all day today. I was so wrong and my hair hated me for it.

Not only did it rain all afternoon, but it rained tonight as well as last night. It's annoying and I don't get it. When did Chicago become Seattle? Why is it raining so much?

I know all of this complaining about the weather has a lot to do with my upcoming trip to LA.

I seriously can't wait.

I haven't been this excited since that one Christmas I received that Barbie dream home I begged for. I played with it everyday until my crack-head uncle thought it was a good idea to sit on it. Life sucks for a seven year old from a dysfunctional family.

I know the weather in Cali is glorious. Two years ago, around this time, I walked around with shorts and flip flops. Now, I have to force myself to keep on a heavier coat and weather appropriate shoes. It's semi-depressing. 

I know that this weather isn't going to stick around (or is it? I don't watch the news!), so I just have to wait it out. 

Ugh!!! I hate waiting, but it's just 8 more days until I'm in LA.