Friday, May 25, 2012

The Next Few Days Will Be Awesome!

I'm so freakin excited for this weekend. Not only am I going to get a great amount of my grandfather's world famous BBQ, but Monday I'm going to my very first Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!

I don't know if I told the story on here (and if I did I'm sorry but you're going to read it again), but I missed a day of work and stood in line for three hours for these tickets. I was first in line, and I got my tickets for the boyfriend and I, but the other people waiting in line weren't so lucky.

The girl behind me told me she saved up for so long to get her tix when they last toured in 2006, but when it was her turn in line she was informed that the tickets had sold out. She told me that she was determined to get her tickets this time around. She even told me that if the tickets sold out before she got the chance to purchase hers she would hurt the person in front of her. Well come time to get the tickets, I purchased mine, and stepped aside for her to order her tickets, and wouldn't you know it...The tickets had sold out in  two minutes. I felt bad for her. I tried to help her, but I was still remembering what she said about hurting the last person to purchase tickets, so I was on guard. I love RHCP, but I wasn't willing to kick someone's ass over them. Hell it was still early, so I told her ass to go to a ticket broker. 

The end. 

See it wasn't that brutal. 

Anyway, I'm really excited because the boyfriend and I are going to make a little mini vacation out of this. BBQ on Sunday, RHCP on Monday, and Six Flags on Tuesday. Yup! Six Flags. When was the last time you went to Six Flags? The last time I went was in California. I was a little bummed to find out that they had the same damn rides that we had here in Illinois, but I still had a wonderful time. 

Yay!!! I can't believe this time is finally here. It's going to be great. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. And remember to party hard, but drink responsibly.