Monday, May 21, 2012

Earworm Alert!

I haven't written much since my big comeback because I haven't had anything to write about. All I do is work and look for a second job. This has strengthen my belief that looking for a job should be considered a job, but whatever...

To unwind, I watch a lot of youtube. I know, youtube is the devil, but sometimes some great things pop up.

I found this video while watching the video of Sweet Brown talking about what she had time for. I must admit, I did laugh at Miss Sweet Brown, but seriously news people? There was no one else to interview about that fire?

I'm glad some good did come out of watching Miss Sweet Brown, Henry. I love Henry. Not because he's giving me all sorts of love in the below video, but because he has assured me music can do so much more than get a party started. It can really bring people to life. And that is why Henry is the Earworm Alert of the day.