Monday, March 29, 2010

I need an inspiration

Since posting my 100, I have yet to be inspired to write about anything. I find myself waking up early to watch the news, so I can have something to ponder then blog about. Nothing has tickled my fancy so far. However, I can say the bombing in Moscow was interesting but also depressing as hell. That news makes me not want to leave my home for at least a while. I probably won't be doing that anyway since I'm on Spring Break.

I thought that I would have plenty to do this weekend, but nothing. I was invited to a party in the boondocks...I didn't go. I stayed at home and watched Golden Girls on youtube. Blanche's delirium is by far the best thing that happened to me this past weekend. I didn't think that I would stop laughing at this chick and her comments about yellow eyeballs and a bad full of sunshine. Oh Blanche!

I loved my Golden Girls filled weekend so much that I woke up this morning with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia on my mind. I found myself watching my girls while I waiting for my girls to come on WE at 4pm.

Pathetic! I have to find something to do. I have homework, but I want to wait until the last possible moment to finish my assignments. I'm on vacation!

This is just day 3, I'm sure something nice will happen...
*update* I'm aware of a typo...and I don't care