Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is That What I Looked Like?

I remember my experience in receiving my first tattoo. I was nervous and kept stopping the artist who was obviously irritated, but I must say I love the ending result. However, no matter what happened during my experience I never screamed. I'm not a screamer and I pride myself on that. I honestly believe that people who scream are either faking it for attention or bored. In my opinion the only people who need to scream are women in labor. Period! An object the size of watermelon is forcing its way out of a whole the size of a nickel or a cucumber slice (depending on the woman).

I'm setting aside money for my next ink session, and I assure the one person reading this blog that I won't be screaming like the anti-hot mama in the video. Wiggle? Yes! Scream? No! I just hope the guy that's going to do my next tattoo is ready for the stop and go, cuz that shit does hurt.