Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Johnny Gill was okay with this?

I don't know about the rest of population but I'm convinced that Eddie Murphy is in a committed relationship with Johnny Gill! How do I know, because a little birdie told me on a whim, and what two men do you know besides Bill and Ted (do you see what I just did there?) have a closer relationship than those two? Well there is Lance and Mateo, but let's not go there. A little while ago, I read on a gossip column (yeah I said it!) that Johnny and Eddie were living together and a long time ago Enis del Mar from Brokeback Mountain said that two men just don't live together...I mean they could meet up every once in a while, but livin together that's just plain out of the question!

And besides I know I'm not the only one to remember that Eddie Murphy tranny story. Just giving her a ride? Maybe on the chocolate express. So after hearing the Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy living together story I honestly thought that Eddie was finally being himself, because who honestly believed that Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds match made in heaven story?

However, shortly before that laugh of the century Eddie managed to knock up Scary Spice, dump her, and then said the baby wasn't his until he got DNA proof saying it was so. Okay, I must admit I did laugh a little bit at Eddie going back to his Boomerang days like he still had it. I mean has anyone seen this man's teeth? He better be glad that Scary Spice was even willing to admit that she was even seeing Eddie. Then he plays her for someone who had their hand in his pocket. Right smart move Eddie. Do you not know who you just f*cked with? The all mighty forces of girl power were willing to go to war for their girl, especially after Posh Spice and her little accent called him "Beverly Hill's Cock" on national tele. Brilliant!

Now I'm assuming Eddie has seen the error in his ways and accepting his responsibility as a parent to his daughter with Scary Spice, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. So that means with Eddie's acknowledgement of this latest child he has a grand total of 8 children...does this mean that Eddie isn't gay? I don't know about you but I'm waiting for Johnny's reaction on this one.

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