Friday, September 24, 2010

Chicago Lingo 101: Dude is a CHESTER (Allegedly)

When I was in high school there was this security guard (yes my high school was kinda on the rough side) who would abuse his power and go the extra mile with the female students. For some reason he thought it was okay for him, a security guard, to be playful with the female students. He would laugh and joke with them as if it was normal to know the goings on in a teenage girl's life. One day he took his playfulness a little bit too far when he asked one of his teenage playmates what she was doing that night and if she would like to him at The Pioneer Motel. Well I'm guessing the girl didn't want to join him there because she told her parents, the principal, and the dean about his invitation. The man wasn't fired (why I don't know) he was, I guess, demoted to lunch room security.
He was lunch room security during my last two years of high school. I, along with the rest of my high school's female population, referred to him as Chester Molester. We called him that so much that I'm sure the little nickname stayed with him until he was fired late last year for trying to invite a teenage boy to The Pioneer Motel.
I guess if at first you don't succeed you must try try again...
Where the security guard messed up was that he didn't have the backing of "God" to support his actions. I guess only a true man of "God" can get away with something like statutory rape and molestation. A man like Bishop Eddie Long!
For those of you who don't know who the hell Bishop Eddie Long is, he is a man of "God". He is also a man who is currently being accused of abusing his power as a man of "God" to coercing young men into having sex with him. He is also being accused of using the money he receives from patrons of his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to pay off his victims to keep their mouths shut.
This is also a "Man of God" who took to his pulpit every Sunday and spoke disapproving words on the private acts of homosexuals. It's always the homophobes who always end up doing the gayest shit. Like posing for photos in the bathroom with a camera phone...

I no longer need proof that there is a God, because when his so-called followers do some shady shit He always ends up showing us just how fucked up they really are. I now know that there is a God and he clearly loves the gays; because this shit right here is heaven sent!