Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Complicated...And I Don't Like You

I really don't get the point in facebook relationship statuses, but since I changed my status from "single" to "complicated" there has been a big...HUGE improvement in how people talk to me. 

I barely talk to anyone on facebook. I usually post majority of my blog posts as statuses, and check photos of far away cousins. The only time I'm ever really on facebook is when I'm writing on this blog or when I open a new tab and forget to logout. And I hate when I forget to log out because for some reason I get these...people, who like to fb chat about the dumbest shit.

Topics: I had a crush on you in high school, you look good, do you have a boyfriend, why you still single, you know I love  you right?, I'm sorry for that time when we argued over that thing. 

Whatever, dumbshit!

So I changed my relationship status to see if things would change, and they have. However, there is this one fellow who just doesn't get the hint. Where most have gone on to bug someone else, he still lingers in a quest to annoy the hell out of me.

Once upon a time we used to talk. Then instead of being with me he began a 2 year relationship with a good friend of mine (JOY!!!). Since they have broken up, he sends me messages, and pokes me (who still pokes people?) everyday. It's pretty annoying.

I changed my relationship status to  maybe let this dude know that my life has gone on, but nope! Instead of backing off he sends me a message asking me who am I dating? Then he sends another one telling me that if he were my man then our relationship would be "complicated" at all.

I have yet to respond to any of these messages. I don't think it's healthy to respond to stalkers. However, I do find it funny that I'm receiving the attention I want from someone I don't want it from and nothing from the people that I do like and want to talk to. UGH! That is truly the only complicated shit in my life at the moment.

pic snatched from the frisky