Friday, March 11, 2011

Michael Fassbender is Hot Guy Friday

There was once a time I used to be able to go over to Celebitchy, without being bombarded by Michael Fassbender news. Now it seems as though he's all Kaiser and the folk over there want to talk about.

I always find it funny when I talk about some cute actor to a friend, and they always reply who? That will probably never happen again thanks to Celebitchy. I could probably walk into any girl circle in Chicago, mention Michael Fassbender, and someone would mention Celebitchy's Hot Guy Friday, because of his ever present face on their "hot guy" list. I'm not mad, just amused.

I believe Celebitchy has taken the world's new obsession to the next level, while exposing me to other men they deem "hot".

Majority of the time, I flat out disagree with their choice of men. I will never see the appeal of half of those British dudes, especially Paul Bettany. 

What is wrong with his head? Seriously, I need to know.

Why am I posting this? I honestly had no idea until now. At first it was because my request to see Daniel Bruhl on the list has been denied two weeks in a row, while Michael's ass has been on the list ten times. Then I was just looking for something to do. Now I just know I'm procrastinating. It happens.