Sunday, April 24, 2011

Never Again...

After the last time I went to see a Tyler Perry as Madea movie, I told myself that I would never put myself through that shit again. Now here I am, wishing I could sue Tyler Perry for the hour thirty that I wasted in the theater looking at that God awfulness. 

Whenever I go to the theater, I clear my mind and tell myself that I'm going to have a good time regardless of how things end. The only time I had a good time (or a good laugh) was at the expense of Bow Wow's ridiculous brow movements that I'm sure he and his yes people considered "great" acting. Needless to say, myself did not have a good time.

There are so many reason as to why I considered this movie a piece of shit, but I will only list one. The fucking plot. Where was it? What was it? Oh that was it? OK! TP you can definitely do better next time...on second thought don't even try it. 

Seriously! How many movies has this man written? And he still can't write a freakin script? For real Tyler, get some help. Email me ( if you want some tips.

And is it me or does every TP movie have an issue with some form of child rape or molestation? Can we say obsessed? What ever the case, I just want to say, I get it Tyler. We all face challenges, but these challenges and issues differ. Not everyone in your audience wants to think about child molestation or rape while watching a comedy. You can't drop the R-word on me one second and throw Maury Povich at me in the next. Either make a comedy or a drama...enough with the double stuff!

It's a real shame that I want to keep going and going with the many things that I found wrong with this movie. I'm being real nice by stopping here and not mentioning how uninteresting the Old Spice Guy was with his shirt on. For real? Was he really necessary?

Tyler...I have given you way too many chances. Like Michael said, this is it! You will never get another dime out of me.