Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Bill and Ted!

I have to wish them a happy birthday in advance since I have two papers due this week. I should be working on them now, but I didn't think I could consider myself a true fan if I didn't take time out of my busy schedule to wish Bill S. Preston Esq. and "Ted" Theodore Logan a happy birthday.

Although the anniversary of their arrival isn't until tomorrow, I'm shedding a little tear today because the movie that adults once put on to shut me the hell up has now turned 21 or 23 depending on how you look at it (the movie was shot in 1987 but released in 1989).

Why does this film hold a special place in my heart? Besides starring that hot piece Keanu Reeves, it also stars that cutie-pa-tootie Alex Winter, a film director I have admired for some time. Anyone remember the movie Freaked? Well that was all him. I love that movie so much I might actually buy it instead of mooching off of youtube.

The dynamic duo, Keanu and Alex, haven't been in a film together since Freaked, but despite dumb ass low blows Keanu hasn't forgotten his original road dawg. In a recent interview Keanu talked about how they were recently out together on Halloween and a man in a smurf costume stopped and said to his buddy, "look it's two fat guys dressed up as Bill and Ted".

Oh how I wish I were the smurf that saw the most excellent sight. I wouldn't have been as rude as jack-ass mcgee, but I would have taken in that moment for what it was: a rare Alex Winter sighting.

Anywho, HBO has been showing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey just about every day this month. It’s been pretty cool to come home to some dumb comedy after a long day. I laugh and say the lines along with the characters and have a gay old time just me and my tele. Maybe I should get a life…

Okay, back to focusing on the positive, I like Bill and Ted. I think they were good role models for my wayward generation. Despite the misconception that they were dumb, they actually were really smart guys that never tried. I will always remember the phrase “be excellent to each other” because it was sweeter than Barney telling me he loved me every five minutes. So World take this message from Bill and Ted and let's be excellent to each other. Let's party on dudes and may you have a most non-non non-non-non heinous outrageously bodacious day.
R.I.P George Carlin:

 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures cartoon: