Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is exactly why I no longer eat meat: SON STABS MOM OVER MISSING HAMBURGER

A Toledo mother was stabbed with a butcher knife by her teenage son after he became furious that she didn’t bring him a cheeseburger.

According to reports, Vergie Williams was attacked by her son around 1 a.m. on Friday. She says she gave her 18-year-old son Aaron Williams money for food earlier in the day, but he spent it on marijuana instead. And when he got “the munchies” by the time she returned, he flew into a rage when he saw that she had bought food for herself.

“He said ‘If you don’t have no food for me, then you can’t eat none,’ then he slapped the sandwich out my hand,” the victim told WUPW Fox Toledo.

That’s when he pulled out a butcher knife and stabbed her in the arm. Without missing a beat, the victim pulled out a knife of her own and stabbed her son on the hand–and he fled.

The defendant is in police custody and is facing felony assault charges for allegedly. Incredibly, he called his mother to ask her to post his bail, but she says she doesn’t plan to communicate with him again.
Snatched from Tabloid Prodigy
Now once upon a time I loved a good burger more than anyone I knew, but not so much so that I would stab Moms if she didn't bring one home. I would gladly move on to the next and fix me something else to eat. For why stab your mom? Isn't there a burger joint on every corner why not just take your ass to the local Mickey D's and choose from the beloved $1 menu. Why do some ignate ass sh*t like stab someone over a chunk of meat? Ugh I just don't get some people. The absence of meat has really allowed me the ability to think clearly.