Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates

To be honest, I haven't really had anything to post about. It has been a slow news week. There are things out there that people blog about, but those posts just so happen to be info that I honestly don't give a damn about. 

I read a little something about The Facebook Movie, but it's featuring Justin Timberlake and he really annoys me.

I read about the Miley Cyrus ear tatt, but does anyone besides Perez Hilton, 15 year old girls, and 45 year old pervs care about what Ms. Cyrus is doing.

As for what's happening in my RL, I just recently planned a trip back to LA with a friend of mine. After our dreams of traveling to Hawaii were crushed, we said LA instead. So this future trip means that I must stay in to make sure I can save as much money as I can.

To make time go by, on those days that I don't have to work, I've been watch the stalking cat. At first I thought it was just a cute funny video that made me giggle, then I realized that this cat and I are totally on the same level. We're both bored as hell, and playing hide and seek with time.

I know that this boredom torture will pay off in the long run, but this staying home to save money thing means NO TASTE OF CHICAGO!

Must stay positive!

The Stalking Cat