Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hasselbitch Is At It Again!

She is at it again! I really can't believe what I just saw and heard. Did she really just say that the reason why older once "straight" women are now lesbians is because older men leave them for younger women, thus leaving them no one to be with and that's why they turn to women...UGH!!! I hate her. I honestly can't believe someone like her is being taken seriously on a daily basis. I cannot believe this woman has a f*cking job. I mean what on earth is she doing on television. I would rather watch 8 hours of Ren and Stimpy while high on  LSD at Roman Polanski's house than listen to this woman speak.

No matter how wrong she is she tries to base her way of thinking on "facts" that her dumb ass read on the internet. WOW! Someone who bases her life on pure fact should never do that. The internet in my opinion is a place where bored ass people like me go to pass time. However, there are those sad souls who stay online all day and all night without taking the time out of their busy internet schedule to communicate with actual flesh and blood human beings. 

There have been studies. There have been studies. It is all she ever says and I guess that thought validates her belief in the false truth of which she spoke, but it only makes me believe that the world is actually coming to an end because people actually listen to her. Ugh! I wish she would just go away already.