Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Was A 90s Kid!!

What I remember:
1) The theme song from Saved By The Bell
2) The ORIGINAL theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
5) Princess Diana's Chicago visit (My aunt and I watched her limo ride through Chicago from her downtown apartment window)
6) The first time that Michael Jordan retired
8) The original hip fat chick- Ricki Lake
9) When Michael Jordan returned to basketball
10) Space Jam! And my cousin Scooter teething on my movie box. grrrrrrr
14) Moesha
15) When Hulk Hogan was relevant
18) Skinny Oprah
20) Martin
22) Prayer in school
25) Sega
27) Def Comedy Jam (well me sneaking downstairs to watch it)
28) Flyy Girls
30) Chris Rock when he was Pookie
31) Being afraid of Ice Cube
32) "Whoa" from Blossom
33) When cellphones were big as hell
34) When Johnny Depp was engaged to Winona Ryder
37) The Dennis Rodman Show
38) "Hated it!"
39) "Whatever"
40) Having nightmares of dinosaurs thanks to Jurassic Park
41) Not having the Disney Channel and only being able to watch The MMC when it was free on weekends
43) TRL before the audience and Carson Daly before the nail polish
44) Not knowing who Andre Rison was until Left-Eye burned his house to the ground
45) Being scared of Mary J. Blige
46) Being scared of buses
47) Not wanting to see The Matrix
49) 3T
50) The singing Monks album
51) Crying because Tupac died (we were on our way to a revival when we heard it on the radio)
53) Aaliyah and hearing the rumor that she was married to R.Kelly
54) Are You Afraid of the Dark? Answer: YES!
55) Starter Jackets
56) Lil Kim's debut album cover
59) Rocko's Modern Life
61) The Wayan's Brother Show: Look Up Marlon. Say CHEESE!
62) Jon B.
63) Gullah Gullah Island
64) Mel Gibson in Braveheart
65) The Last Episode of The Cosby Show
66) Anderson Cooper on Channel One
67) Oregon Trail
68) My Tomigatchi Pet
69) Collecting key chains
70) Crazy laces
71) The original Yellow Ranger
72) Herbal Essence's Orgasm commericals
73) Josh from All That
74) Doug
75) Watching the Olympic torch being ran in front of my school for the 1996 Olympics
76) Being scared of Crazy Larry
77) The Real World Boston, Seattle, Miami, Hawaii, and New Orleans
78) B*Witched
79) Sane and sober Whitney Houston
80) 120 minutes
82) Allen Iverson crossing over on Michael Jordan and the refs calling it traveling
83) Kobe Bryant taking Brandy to Prom
84) Think that the Saturn was the ultimate car
85) Ugly ass Mini-Vans
86) Kiki Shepard
88) Imajin
89) Ray Charles Pepsi Commerical
90) Sandra Bullock before Miss Congeniality
91) Ice Ice Baby
92) Barbie Girl
94) Martha Stewart presenting with Busta Rhymes at the VMAs
95) Alanis Morissette on the original Degrassi Jr. High
96) Being told to stock up on water and canned goods for Y2K
97) MP3 players
98) Napster
99) Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You
100) 9-9-99