Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is She For Real?

She (Danielle Staub aka the real prostitution whoooooooooooooore of New Jersey) is dead serious about being a pop diva. She's so serious that she took her act all the way to Maury, a show known for such serious topics like baby mama drama, sex decoys, and yes Lil Ray Ray is my baby's daddy!

I'm not sure if I'm shocked, disgusted, or amused by all of this. I do know that I feel bad for Maury. I mean does he even care anymore? Does he have walking limonia? I'm for serious! What is going on with the one respectable Maury Povich that he would allow the last 10 years of fuckery happen to his career?

If I could, I would put this show out of its misery.
snatched from dlisted