Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off To LA and Happy Birthday Keanu!

I'm supposed to be asleep, but I don't really feel like sleeping. Maybe I'll do it on the plane. A big part of me not being able to sleep is because I just found out that I will have to pay $25 to check a bag (I'm flying American Airlines but I usually fly Southwest, so I had no idea). I'm not too happy about that. 

Then there is the fact that I will be seeing all of my old friends again. I honestly can't sit still and I'm so close to tears. Maranara, Marieski, Wanda, and all my Alkies in Cali! I'm so excited to be back!

Me and the two other girls I'm traveling with are also staying at a really nice hotel. Although I have friends and family in LA, I love staying in hotels. I like to be able to do my own thing in my own little space. 

It's 3 am and I'm thisclose to leaving. Yay! LA here I come, again.