Thursday, September 9, 2010

RANT: I really don't like this bitch!

I try my hardest to redirect my energy towards something constructively positive like any other 23 year old, but there is always this little thing in the back of my sub conscience that would love for me to act 15 all over again. Lemme give you an example: This bitch is really getting on my nerves. I have soooo tried my hardest to keep from getting in contact with her and giving her a piece of my mind, but that damn sub conscience keeps poking at me poking at me. 

While in California, I was told something that this individual said about me. I couldn't believe what she said, especially since the last time I got in contact with this individual she acted as if she didn't want to say anything to me. Not only did this person look at me as if I were a piece of shit on the bottom of a run-over shoe, but she deleted me off of facebook, which is the ultimate kiss off  to a friendship.

I thought I was being the bigger person by taking the high road and not ever mentioning this bitches name, but I have finally lost it. Fuck her and fuck it. Fuck Sharron McDaniel. Bitch I hate you and don't you dare try to act dumb with me. Goofy bitch you know what you did, and don't play with me. Keep my fucking name out of your mouth. You have no reason to talk about me or mention my name but you still do it. Do you want me? Sorry I don't swing that way. How about you focus on keeping your legs closed so you won't be thinking about me when the dicks you encounter  do you wrong. All in all get a life you confused little cunt.

WOW! That made me feel 100% better.