Monday, January 31, 2011

I really want to cut my hair...again

I used to wear my hair very very short, and I loved it. However, it started to get a little too expensive to keep up. Since I've grown my hair out, people have told me that they like the style better and that it makes me look a lot older. I know I shouldn't care what people say about my hair, but it was nice to finally have people say that they liked what was on my head instead of asking me why I cut my hair in the first place. 

But now, I have finally had enough. Enough with the tangled mess that lies atop of my head. It drives me crazy! My hair is the longest I have ever let it grow and sometimes I think people are following me. 

The longer hair is low-maintenance hair, which is surprising because you would think the shorter is easier to manage. NO NO NO! With my short hair, since I don't have a girly bone in my body (except maybe when I scream and run away from spiders), I have to go to the salon once a week to have it done. A trip to the salon (my stylist and the only person who is allowed to touch my hair is Shantell) is about $90 plus tip, and remember there are 52 weeks in a year. So let's caluclate: 90.00 x 52 =$4,680 a year...tip and tax not included. I don't know about my loyal legion, but I ain't got $5000 to just throw away. So right now I'm loving my low-maintenance hair, styling it is completely free. 

So you see why I don't just go ahead and cut it all off! I have to sit down and contemplate, take all of these different factors in before I make up my mind. I wish someone will help me make up my mind, but it's a decision I have to make on my own. 

*le sigh*

I'm going to go wash my hair.