Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay can September hurry the fuck up! I need to go on vacation now. So many things have happened to me since my last post, it's going to be hard for me to tell them all, but I will try my best to just inform my loyal legion of the highlights.

I would like to apologize one more gin about my lack of updates and posts. I, like before, didn't feel like writing anything for the simple fact that I doubt anyone except for my loyal legion would read or care about what is going on in my youthful (and surprisingly dull) life. Besides if you're in the loyal legion, you pretty much know me and already know what already happened before I post it. However, there are a few of you that I don't know and I would like to say hello! and welcome and thank you for taking time out for reading this blog. There are so many others to choose from, but for some reason you chose me. Thank you for the emails and Power Thinker Questions! I will try my hardest to get back to them asap. 

Now on to the highlights of this past month:
1) do you remember that guy I pocket dialed in June? Remember me saying something about if he were a real man then my mistake wouldn't really phase him. Well it turns out that he actually is a real man! He's a decent man and I can't wait to see him in California when I visit.

2) My California trip! I AM VERY IMPATIENT WHEN IT COMES TO THIS TRIP! I KNOW I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO FEELS THIS WAY BUT JULY AND AUGUST HAVE BEEN LONGEST FUCKING MONTHS OF MY LIFE! AND WHY CAPS? I'm only trying to emphasize my point. My trip is on September 2. I'm going with two friends. Friend #1 is going to be celebrating her birthday while we're there and it is my job to think of something cool to do while we're there. I have been wrecking my brain over this for a while, but I think I figured everything out last night while I was supposed to be working. I'm not going to give any details away, but just know that it involves two nights of non stop bar hopping. And Friend#2 has never been on a plane before...this should be interesting and something that I will always remember.

3) I have a spider situation with my car and no one cares. Everyday for the past two weeks, whenever I sit in my car a spider decides it's time to crawl on the driver's seat. The problem is, I'm in the seat whenever it gets that urge. I have a huge fear of  anything with more than two legs, so my usual reaction is to run and scream like a girl, but that's kind of dangerous while you're driving. I always forget to put the car in park while run and scream, but I'm getting better at it. Just last night while I was walking back to my car after a grueling 3 hours of work, I saw one crawling on the inside of my window and hiding between the window and the little black part that helps seals up the window. I screamed and squirmed then finally this guy on a bike saw me and helped me kill the spider. I'm not sure if he wanted something else cause after the spider was gone he sat there staring at me like I owed him something. I thanked him, smiled, got in my car, and drove home. Then when I got home I discovered that the little bastard wasn't even dead it was playing dead so that it could maybe crawl on my lap at a later date, but I made sure I killed it and I know I killed it because I felt the crunch under my shoe. Unfortunately, I will never wear those shoes again.

4) I made up with an old friend. I learned the power of forgiveness. Staying mad at someone isn't going to help you in anyway, so letting go of little things isn't going to kill anyone. However forgiving and forgetting is something I'm still working on. It's one thing to forgive, but to forget is just dumb.

5) I'm addicted to The Real World: New Orleans...Can someone tell me exactly the point is in casting the same people over and over again? I know it works, but there are so many other messed up people with issues that we need to see. I don't need to see the gay man who's still trying to deal with society's negative stereotypes of gay men and women. I need to see more people like Ryan. An entire show full of Ryans would do just nice. What is up with that dude?

6) I turned 23 and I didn't celebrate it. I stayed at home and watched Rescue Me with my mom and my other buddy Haagen Dazs ice cream.

7) I discovered a co-worker's undying fascination with me. Let me just say, I know I'm cute and I have a cute little tight body, but chick...can you please lay off the little sayings like, "I just want to spank that little tush of yours." and "Oh there goes my chocolate sundae!" Alright I get it, but no amount of flattering comments will allow me anywhere near your old, dry, wrinkly, and dusty snatch. I don't swing that way.

That's not all, but I'm sure other highlights will show up in some random post somewhere down the line.