Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Was Totally Betrayed By My Cell Phone Last Night

I like to party. I'm not talking all the time, just every once in a while to loosen up and break free from tension that life causes at times. Last night I partied. In fact, I partied a little too hard. I wore tight clothes, high heels, make-up, drank, and made some bad decisions last night. Usually on a night like this, one of the bad decisions that I make is calling up guys and slurring to them about how much I hate them, love them, or like them. Last night I promised myself that I wouldn't do any of that, so I put my phone on lock mode and focused more on the party instead of men.

Well at some point I exchanged phone numbers with this guy who looks just like Lafayette from True Blood. We got to talking about the show and he said he would love for me to be his new show watching buddy since he usually watched the show with his boyfriend, but since they broke up in November. I was down for it. We exchanged phone numbers, facebook info, and chatted for most of the night. During our convo, drinks continued to flow. I didn't realize how much I was drinking because I was having such a good time talking about the show, my love for it, and his fascination with Eric. When I realized just how drunk I was getting, I excused myself and went for a little walk around the bar. I thought maybe some movement would help me stop feeling so woozy. Then it dawned on me...I HADN'T EATEN A DAMN THING THE ENTIRE DAY.

It was closing time for the bar so I left with my group and looked for an after hours spot. My plan was to sit in one spot and look cute, but first I had to get some food in my system. Lucky for me there was a Subway across the street from our destination, so that's where a friend and I went to get some food into my system. Just as I was about to order my food, I felt that feeling that no one wants to feel. I had to vomit...I had to vomit NOW! Without thinking twice, I ran to the restroom. Damn door was locked. I told the cashier that I was going to order something and to let me use the restroom. After assuring him that I would definitely be a Subway patron, the guy opened the restroom door for me. After doing what I had to do, I searched around for my cellphone which was no longer in my hand, but somewhere on the ground and on the side of the toilet. GROSS!

At this point I'm still blurry and in a drunken haze, but I was pretty sure I saw the blue light on my phone; which means I was either being called by someone or that I called someone. I immediately checked to see what was going on, and saw that I had in fact called someone. That someone was someone that I made a mental note not to drunk dial! That someone was someone that (during my early drunken years) I would have probably called them with drunken confidence, and told them how much I liked them.

I no longer cared about vomiting, I was F*CKING MORTIFIED! UGH! I don't even know how that happened. But seriously, out of all the names and numbers in my phone, why would my cell phone randomly dial his number? UGH! WHY???

There is no way I can be cute about what ever it is that this guy and I are doing since there is 30 seconds of me vomiting on his voicemail. UGH! I..UGH! I really don't know what to do right now. I've tried so hard to forget that this entire thing happened, but a person can only do so much sleeping during the day. It's like this, I like this guy, but I don't know him that well and he doesn't know me that well. I believe I'm in the beginning stages of the relationship (although it's not an actual relationship) where you feel each other out to get to know each other. Once you know each other that's when you do the gross shit that makes you human. Anything before that time ruins the fantasy. I know that if he's really a good man, he wouldn't care about me doing normal human shit on his voicemail. He would think it's cute and tell me next time he'll be there to hold my hair.

Oh well who knows. I know he has gotten the voicemail by now. I haven't gotten a phone call today, but shortly after the accidental phone call I received a text that read: Sleeping mama :) hope your weekend was good.

Sweet right? I hope it stays that way.