Monday, March 21, 2011


I really don't like shit starters.

The one thing that I really don't like about shit starters, is that no matter what happened in the moments leading up to the moment of conflict, the shit starter will make everything look like it's your fault.

Punk asses! Gross...

Recently, I had an encounter with a shit starter at a friend's party. I knew she was a shit starter because she and I had almost gotten into it before. She (like many other shit starters) clearly don't understand how to mind her own fucking business. The first time she and I had gotten into it, I told her point blank to get the hell out of my face. I didn't use violence, I used my words. Although they were aggressive, they got my point across, and she got out of my face.

However, I'm guessing home-girl forgot her lesson from our previous encounter and decided she had every right to interfere with an issue that had nothing to do with her. It all started with a camera phone.

I don't like people taking pictures of me without my permission. Now in a party situation, I normally don't mind, but when the party is fucking over, all cameras should be turned off. Why the hell you taking pictures of people as they're walking out of a door?

Anyway, that's exactly what happened to me, by someone I didn't know. I was already not in the best mood, so when that flash went off, I snapped. I grabbed the guy's camera and was getting ready to delete the picture, when this asshole grabbed me by the hood of my sweater. This move clearly made me more angry, thus inspiring me to break the camera instead. Just as I was about to smash that shit, "little miss mouth" decides she needs to speak up. My attention then went from the dude grabbing my collar and the camera to her.

My first thought was, who the hell is she? Second thought was, why the hell is she here?

I did not know her to be a friend of my friend, but the friend of someone I used to "know", and that I currently cannot stand.

All the anger I had built up inside of me came out on her.

I will be the first to admit any wrong doing on my part, I know I shouldn't take my anger out on people...but I really don't like this bitch.

I must say that I felt almost 100% better after going off on her and almost snatching her neck, but the events that followed forced my moments of 100% bliss to go down to a 87.

I feel kinda meh about the whole situation now. Since it happened just this past Friday, I'm kinda over it.

Hopefully, the next time I see the shit starter nothing will happen. I don't acting like that, but at least she and other shit starters know that I don't play games.