Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Surely Not The Trailer

Because this shit seems pretty lame. However, the main reason why I would even consider watching a guaranteed shit fest like Battleship is to look at the Skarsgard. 

I don't know if my loyal legion has noticed, but I haven't mentioned True Blood since it premiered last month. That's because I haven't seen an episode yet. Why? Because shit happened and that I'm still too pissed to talk about it at the moment. 

But watching this trailer reminded me that there are other ways for me to get my Skarsgard fix. He has been in other things besides the True Blood. There is this one movie where he plays a tranny who wants to set him/herself on fire. And if you got through that last sentence without scratching your head then you'll probably love it. However, after watching the movie I wanted to set the DVD on fire. I felt that it would save others from renting such crap...

Anywho, here is the trailer for the much anticipated Battleship. Apparently Rihanna is in it, but lucky for me she didn't she didn't spoil the trailer by popping her light bulb-shaped head onto the screen...Someone actually told me that I looked like her. I proceeded to poke that person in the eyeball.