Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Ya'll Know Hitler Hated You?

So apparently there is some photo of Jesse James doing some kind of wackass Nazi salute that TMZ is dying to release (According to Crazy Days and Nights). UGH! I don't get it people. What the hell is the deal with all the Nazi shiz? Hitler didn't and wouldn't like your ass, so what's with the salutes?

I'm just sad that this whole Nazi thing is really going to make Sandra Bullock look German. I don't think that she's a racist, but if she is associated with a wannabe Nazi then what does that say about her? The photos were allegedly taken two years ago before the hooch even appeared. If Sandra didn't know her man was a Nazi then what else didn't she know about him? Damn I guess you really don't know a person...EVEN IF YOU LIVE WITH THEM!

This is just too much for me to handle. I tried to stay away from this shit even when I read about his side bitch having Neo-Nazi wet dreams, but this right here brought my curiosity back to life. It's gross! I mean I really felt sorry for Sandra because she had to put up with a lot INCLUDING THAT WACK ASS HAIR LINE! and now this. Ugh! I used to pray that this shit wasn't true, now I just pray for this to be over soon.