Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am officially caught up with that the tomfoolery that is known as True Blood. I stopped watching the show after the 3rd episode of the first season. I don't know why, just did. However, I came back to the fuckery and I love it. 

To my surprise, I don't mind the exaggerated Southern accents or the unbelievable storyline. I'm usually the cynical person in the room, talking about how Hollywood has fucked up, but when it comes to True Blood I had to realize none of it was believable...IT'S A SHOW ABOUT FUCKING VAMPIRES! nice.

I'm just glad that it's True Blood and not Twilight that has me excited every Sunday. I just don't get that sparkle vampire crap for anything. Why is he so moody? Why is she so pale? And how the hell could anyone be afraid of that cartoon werewolf? Ugh! Go away!

So far my favorite is lil vampy Jessica. She's so funny. It takes me back to my teenage years. I still remember no longer feeling like a girl but not yet a woman. She's so funny, curious, and cute. I'm so interested in the growth of her character. 

Of course I love Lafayette! He's soooooo the friend that I would love to have. Nurturing, funny, and a party animal. I believe that if Lafayette were a real person, we would definitely be besties. 

Sookie and Bill are the only characters that I have reservations about. Hell I like Eric and that randomly changing dogboy before I like them. Seriously, how much trouble can this old dude and this little tramp get in? If Bill isn't saving Sookie, then Sookie is looking for Bill. I think they both need to take a break for about two episodes and let someone else get in trouble for a chance.

All in all, True Blood is a great show. It's entertaining, funny, and weird. Love it.

The last episode had me shaking my head. I know I'm a little late on the subject since it's Tuesday and the episode aired on Sunday, but I had to watch the episode at least two more times to see if I got everything straight. Did Bill really twist that woman's head around while he was having sex with her? What the hell is going on? Wow, okay. I understand that Bill was in a trance and was forced to have sex with someone who wasn't Suuuukay but damn? Okay Bill and weird lady who likes her head twisted in bed, do you thing. I ain't mad at you.

I just know now at this very moment that Sunday cannot get here soon enough. I'm so excited to figure out what Tara's new guy really wants. I already know that he's up to no good. 

Oh this is sooooooo delicious!