Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why Can't I Vent?

People are really selfish. I believe the more sensitive the person the more selfish the motherfucker. I don't like too many people, so outside of my family; I don't talk to many people. I have a handful of people who actually know what my voice sounds like, I consider them lucky.
However, that's beside the point...My point is this: Why don't people allow others to vent? And when I talk about others, I'm pretty much talking about myself. WHY CAN'T I VENT?
I swear it seems like every time I want to vent and let off a little steam, someone (and you know who you are) is always there telling me what it is that I shouldn't say, or what I shouldn't do. UGH! Shut up and just listen to me!
I'm talking to you! I don't actually want to do what I'm saying or else I wouldn't be talking about it; I would actually be doing it. 
And let me not yell while I'm venting (oh no no no no no!) because I'll hurts the listeners feelings and they'll ask me why I am yelling at them?
Do you not understand, as the listener, what is required of your role?
Do you not understand the frustration people have doesn't have anything to do with you? 
Why can't you, as the listener, just shut the fuck up? And do your job. Listen.
Stop being so vein! Everything isn't always about you! Cocky motherfucker!