Monday, December 13, 2010

It Should Be A Sin To Taste So Good

I love me some Taco Bell! I don't know why everyone dogs it so much, but I find this place fascinating and delicious! 

No one understands what I'm going through especially friends with functioning cars (my car is currently a two ton frozen pop), but I'm needing some Taco Bell BAD; AND NO ONE WILL TAKE ME!

I swear! If one more person tells me to make my own tacos, I'm going to scream! 

I don't want to make my own tacos, I want the eat the artificial tastiness that lies in the middle of that stale crunchy corn shell. I NEED SOME TACO BELL!

If there is anyone out there that gives a crap about me and my hunger, can you please pick me up a T7 with a raspberry iced tea w/ no ice...I'll explain why I don't like ice later.