Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh So That's How It Works!

I have come to the realization that in order to get a guy to act right, you must move on to the next one. LOL! and all this time I thought being myself was supposed to be affective. BOY WAS I WRONG!

I recently struck up a friendship with a guy that just so happens to be beautiful!  I drool in his presence. 

I haven't done anything yet, but it is nice to be on friendly terms with someone I believe to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. 

He (let's call him Howard) works with me, so I haven't tried to do anything yet. I have, however, tried to wiggly my way into every possible situation I could that involves just Howard and I working alone together. So far it's working, but I feel competition...another co-worker (let's call her Dottie).

Dottie clearly knows I like this situation. I can't be mad at anyone for knowing since I'm a bubbly-giggling mess when I'm a round Howard. Dottie and her boss were the ones who told me that I would be the one working hands on with the newbie Howard (when it comes to learning about certain elements of his job), then all of a sudden Dottie feels a need to constantly steal Howard away from me at key moments of my demonstration/flirting for the dumbest reasons. Like cleaning up his work space because she doesn't want to stay late. What?

Dottie is about our age (22-25), short like me, with long hair, but no shape. I on the other hand...well I'm the most beautiful girl in the world (and I challenge anyone else to say it isn't so). However, I know he isn't going to choose based on looks but personality (if he's the kind of guy I think he is)...and no one laughs as much as we. 

Which leads me Moss. A former flame, who told me to have fun with my cats because I wouldn't kiss his ass and drool over him like I do Howard. I liked Moss a lot. He was someone in a totally different league than me so when he revealed that he was interested I was pleased. We were kinda together for three weeks until I didn't call him back after I said I would. I don't know what happened but dude totally snapped at me. I had no idea a phone call was so important that it would result in him letting me know that I was going to die alone and miserable. Wow dude really? Okay...

So one day, Howard and I are in the middle of our flirting session when Moss walks by. Not only did Moss walk-by, but he stared so long at the two of us having a good time that I thought his glare might burn a hole into Howard's head. 

Later that night, I get two text messages from Moss asking me how I was and if I wanted to meet up one day for a date. I had no choice but to say no...I wouldn't want to disappoint my cats. 

I'm amused. I had no idea that it took so little to get the reaction you wanted out of someone you once thought was so big. Wow! I finally get it! I see the light!

However, when it comes to Howard, I have decided to take things slow. I like him so much, as a person, that if this thing I'm trying to start doesn't work out I know we will be friends. 

I don't know what's going to happen, but so far I'm having fun.