Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Usher Kicked In The Face? I Would Have Never Done That On The 8701 Tour!

How dare this over-zealous cow! I know she didn't just roundhouse kick my guy Usher in the face with her cheap-ass payless boot! Was what I thought when I first saw the video, but after watching it over and over again @ 5:23 I can't help but laugh my ass off. He knew what he was getting into before she even sat her excited ass down. 

For real? Seriously? You just gonna put your  lady part all up in Usher's face like that and think you won't be punished for it??? For serious girl???

I tell you one thing, Usher is by far the coolest person in the world. Not only would I have thrown this fake ass Trinity out of my concert, but I would have fired her from LIFE!!!

Usher played it off and played cool. Not only was the girl obviously embarrassed, but she was downright crazy! He had to quickly (yet coolly) escort her off stage after making some joke about his past relationship with his ex-husband.  

Awww! How can you not love him?