Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm Convinced Halle Wanted To Show Robert DeNiro Her Cooch!

Robert was winning the Cecil B. DeMille Award for a long ass career of great acting (and sitting at the front table). It's not like he has never won an award before, so of course she had to give him a little something extra. Why the hell else would someone where something so...daring? I'm sure he was pleased. 

Okay, so besides Halle's gift for Bobby D. last nights Golden Globes were kinda boring. Yeah Ricky G. was an ass, but what's new about that?

I was kinda bummed to see Johnny Depp & Johnny Depp lose to Paul Giamatti, an actor I haven't seen work since Big Momma's House, but like Ricky said, "Who saw The Tourist?" And I damn sure didn't see Alice in Wonderland

I really should be asleep right now, especially since I'm fighting off a cold, but damn that night of stars is still stirring my brain. I love the GGs, but this year I thought about protesting. I didn't see any of the movies nominated (I didn't want to see anything but Sex and the City 2) except Inception, and Leo wasn't nominated. What's the point in watching if he's not there?

Okay now I'm rambling...I'm sure I'll have something more eloquent to say tomorrow.
Good night!
pic snatched from zimbio