Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jimmy Fallon Thinks Marie Is Awesome

My former roommate Marie, I believe I've written about her before, is still doing her thing in LA. After quiting that shit hole of a cafe we both worked at from 2008-2009, she moved on to a pretty popular cafe in West Hollywood named The Blu Jam Cafe. She told me shortly before I left that it was frequented by a lot of well-known folk, but me still being in my "Hollywood is poison" funk, didn't give a shit. Now all of a sudden, I care. 

Jimmy Fallon was recently one of her customers. I'm sure Marie wooed him so much with her awesomeness, gun tattoos, and crazy hair, that he couldn't help but fall in love with this enchanting little rock pixie. 

Jimmy posted this pic of the drink Marie did for him on his twitter, and I'm very impressed. Apparently, Marie started to take her coffee very seriously. I'm loving it.

Congrats Marie, you're officially something like a big deal!