Friday, April 1, 2011

"I can't believe this is happening again!"

Just checked out the new trailer for The Hangover 2, and I must say that I'm not impressed. 

I was with the trailer until Stu (Ed Helms or Andy from The Office) yelled out that line that every single sequel manages to push out of their actors mouths,"I can't believe this is happening again?" Ugh! No! Can we get a little original with the script? That's what was so cool about the first movie!

It seriously looks like the same movie, except this time it's based in Bangkok, and instead of a baby these fools came across a monkey...clever!

I know I'm complaining now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be in my local theater (on Memorial Day) watching all of the tomfoolery go down. Who knows...Maybe I'll be surprised.

Also, what's up with all the random displays of monkey sex? It seems like the whole world has gone monkey sex crazy.