Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Asked?

"You don't want to see me topless," Parker, 45, told me with a laugh from New York City, where she's been promoting Sex and the City 2. "You really don't."

Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker thinks someone actually wants to see her topless. I don't think anyone asked, but since she took it there my question is this: After what seems like 50 years in the business who would want to see Sarah Jessica Parker naked? Besides her husband, Robert Downey Jr., John John, some other folks in the 80s, and the fictional characters on Sex and the City, I'm almost positive no one would want to see Sarah Jessica Parker naked. So SJP...try to keep your unnecessary comments to yourself. SJP, I swear I love you, but sometimes you make it hard to.
Quotes snatched from eonline! Sex and the City 2 in theaters May 27th.